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“Hypocrisy: Prejudice with a Halo” (Ambrose Bierce)

Now what could possess me to write about hypocrisy in a political blog? (That was a joke.) And who would be the biggest hypocrite in politics right now? I think the blue ribbon goes to Jim Boehner. This would be … Continue reading

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Freddy Krueger Goes to Washington

The Freddy Krueger Approach to Budgeting An editorial in the New York Times said yesterday, “Are there any adults in charge of the House? Watching this week’s frenzied slash-and-burn budget contest, we had to conclude the answer to that is … Continue reading

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Ron Paul for President? What the Ultra-Conservatives Want

Perhaps you saw in your paper that the American Conservative Union just closed their annual Conservative Political Action Conference. Every year, they take a straw poll to gauge the thinking of the attendees. I read that only about one third … Continue reading

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Musings on Friday, 2/11/2011

Did you know Abraham Lincoln was a Republican? It’s true! The Republican party was formed in 1854 as an anti-slavery party, and they came into power with the election of Lincoln in 1860, along with a majority in Congress. As … Continue reading

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Ronald Reagan–RINO? Apparently so…

I have said before that I am a life-long Republican. I have also said that over the past few years, I have moved toward the left a little. I came to that conclusion because I saw the “right wing” way … Continue reading

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Retired General Does it Again—Regarding Egypt This Time

I posted an article a few days ago titled Deconstructing an Ultraconservative Rant. In it, I clearly showed the lies and misconceptions from this retired general. (I refuse to name him this time, because I will not contribute to the … Continue reading

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Was the Financial Meltdown Avoidable and Who is to Blame?

The right and the left are at it again. The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission released their report recently. It was passed out on a vote divided along party lines. (What’s new?) The finger pointing began immediately. (This goes back to … Continue reading

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