Ron Paul for President? What the Ultra-Conservatives Want

Perhaps you saw in your paper that the American Conservative Union just closed their annual Conservative Political Action Conference. Every year, they take a straw poll to gauge the thinking of the attendees. I read that only about one third of the attendees actually bothered to register their opinions, but I found them interesting nonetheless.

Who do you think is the favorite conservative contender for president this year? Sarah Palin? Nope! None other than the infamous Ron Paul. That’s right! The Ron Paul who is so conservative that most Republicans are ashamed to be caught in the same room with him. The same Ron Paul who thinks the Civil Rights Act (The one that keeps bigots from refusing to rent to someone who is black or Latino or Jewish or unmarried, etc.) is “…a massive violation of the rights of private property…” The same Ron Paul who acknowledges that in this country, “…many people cannot afford even basic health insurance…” yet wants to do away with the Patient Protection and Health Care Act, the one who while insincerely professing concern over those who cannot get adequate health care but wants to do away with the only thing that has been done for them in the history of this country. That Ron Paul.

Or how about Ron Paul the racist and white supremacist? Is this the man you want leading your country? Do you want the Ron Paul who says the only—the only—reason for the 9/11 attack was because of our actions in the Middle East. It’s not because they hate our freedom of religion. It’s not because they hate our freedom of the press. It’s none of those things. So Mr. Paul does not see radical Islamism as a threat. He does not, for example, think Iran is a possible threat to Israel. This flies in the face of all of the Muslim hatred and protests in nearly every Western Europe country. Do you want a blind Ron Paul as president?

Maybe you’d like to have the Ron Paul who doesn’t want us to be part of any international legal, trade or military alliance like the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the Law of the Sea Treaty, the WTO, NATO, and the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. He also voted against at least four other free trade agreements. Do you think we can survive as an isolationist nation in a global society? In the same vein, maybe we all want the Ron Paul who claims to be a supporter of free trade, opposed to protectionism, yet oddly opposes the North American Free Trade Agreement. I’m not sure how he reconciles those two opposing views in his mind, yet he does manage to hold on to some other, even crazier ideas.

He also seems to be bipolar in other areas. For example, he has long been against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet he voted FOR original Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists in Afghanistan.

There is more—much more. I will say on his behalf that he does have solid positions on many subjects. But his continual straying into bizarre beliefs makes him totally unsuited to hold high office in this country, especially the presidency.

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