Musings on Friday, 2/11/2011

Did you know Abraham Lincoln was a Republican? It’s true! The Republican party was formed in 1854 as an anti-slavery party, and they came into power with the election of Lincoln in 1860, along with a majority in Congress. As a matter of fact, the Republicans used to call themselves “The Party of Lincoln.” I haven’t heard that for a while. I wonder why…

Well, let’s see, Lincoln was a friend of minorities, resulting in the abolishment of slavery. Today? It doesn’t seem the Republicans are friends of any of the minorities, including African Americans (Their policy of building their power base among the southerners who were angry about the abolition of slavery pretty much assured they were dropping any association with the blacks.), Latinos (Seen any reasonable policy regarding immigration come from the Republican side of the aisle recently?), native Americans (Sure, they got to open the 2008 Republican Convention, but after that? Almost nothing except one native American delegate.), and… Need I go on?

Lincoln instituted the first income tax in this country. So there is no way the Republicans could claim to be his heirs because they are violently opposed to ANY tax and want to slash all taxes to the point it will bankrupt the republic. Lincoln saved the republic then, and the Republicans claim now to be trying to “reclaim the country from those selling it down the river to socialism.” But even with that connection, and even though Lincoln is consistently rated as one of the greatest of American presidents, the Republicans seem to have abandoned him.

Did anyone notice the Republicans put the fox in charge of the henhouse? I’m referring to installing Ron Paul as chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology Subcommittee. That gives him oversight over the Federal Reserve Bank. The problem? For many years, he has been calling for The Fed to be abolished. So how can he oversee it if all he wants to do is do away with it?

Oh, and how is he doing in his new job? Well, he called some hearings. That’s good, right? Except some of the people he called to testify are—ready for this?—people, like him, who hate The Fed. Now remember, this committee is supposed to be setting monetary policy. One of the witness, Thomas DiLorenzo, is a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. For those of you who don’t know, this is one of the most radically conservative institutions in the US. You should also know that even though Mr. DiLorenzo is a professor of economics at Loyola University, he has written nearly nothing about monetary policy. So what qualified him to be a witness before this committee? He refers to The Fed as “legalized counterfeiting operations.” Can we see ahead to where Ron Paul is trying to go with his new job?

Republicans, meet the TEA Party. TEA Party, please meet the Republicans. I know this is a belated introduction, but they seem not to know each other. The TEA Party looks on the established Republican Party as RINOs—Republicans In Name Only. The TEA Party is the only true defender of conservatism and the American Way of Life. On the other hand, I’m sure the Republicans thought they knew the TEA Party. And yet here we are barely a month into the new Congress and already the mainline Republicans are running scared of TEA. Did anyone notice that they knuckled under to the TEA Party and are calling for increased cuts in the budget below that which even they know is too much to cut.

I find it oddly amusing. The Republicans tolerated the TEA Party, and even encouraged them in some races, so they could knock off more Democrats and “liberal” Republicans. Then, like someone who bought a pitbull and suddenly discovered it is chewing the legs off their kids (Oops, sorry kids.), they find the radicals are destroying their party from within. But I’m happy to see it in a way. I think they are going to go so radically right that the country is going to reject them for the radicals they are. That will most likely result in Obama retaking the Oval Office in 2012 and probably a majority in the House again for the Democrats. (See my most recent post on Reagan and how the Democrats are closer to his conservative ideals than the Republicans are.)

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